Deep down underground, in the dark gas chambers. Wise Patrick rides his gasicle in octagons!

Having quite a gas with Pat at Walfart!!! Oh goody goody bun drops, a young stuffed animal!!!

Jazz dump dance classes are great for strengthening your core as well as your over all personality!!!

riding by train through the beautiful, gaslands….ooooh, and all the gas geese have not yet become ex stinked!!! hooraygas!

performance gas art, “frolicing with a jazz dump in my pants” featuring Wildorf and Gary Paulsen Jr….

What a toot we had in the white sands! Watch as Anall takes a tumble on the gas sands!!!

Ah yes, the circle of horseback gas.. ….pretending/make believe is such a gas when your horse ass smells like a bottom’s pass of gas……amen - Anus 4:16

An afternoon reverie of mountain delight!

relaxation and peace of mind is so important at SEARS automotive center…..its also really amazing when you can hear god’s voice as well….

Hotel gas times! Happy birthday to Casey, my favorite spirit rider!